European "Forrest Gump", "Catch 22", and "Uncle Buck" in one classic package of world famous satire.


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Like Diogenes, Švejk lingers at the margins of an unfriendly society against which he is defending his independent existence. "Švejking" is the method for surviving "švejkárna", which is a situation or institution of systemic absurdity requiring the employment of "švejking" for one to survive and remain untouched by it.

Švejk Is Getting Ready for the Fight

Studio: Soyuzdetfilm (Stalinabad), 1942
Director: S.Yutkevich .
Cast: Vladimir Kantsel , Nina Nikitina , Pavel Shpringfeld , Georgi Millyar ,  N. Leppik, Georgi Menglet


Czech patriots are preparing an action to free their comrade from the hands of the Gestapo during World War II.  They gather at a pub under the pretext of a wedding. While waiting for the fugitives Švejk posing as the groom is entertaining those gathered with stories the heroes of which are French patriots. The operation succeeds and the good soldier Švejk manages to slip away from the Nazis.


According to Yutkevich's own testimony quoted in Dolinskiy's book "The Link of Times", the picture had been banned by the personal order of Sherbakov, the head of the Director of the Red Army's Political Administration, without a clearly stated motive.



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